From Rails Security to Application Security

I’m in Berlin for RailsConf Europe currently where I’m talking together with Carsten Bormann about implementing application security in Agile development with Rails and announcing declarative_authorization.

Here is our presentation (will only really display nicely on Firefox 3, though, sorry; full window view):


  1. I have problems watching the presentation. Could you put the file on the conference website or on slideshare? Or could you maybe mail it to me?


  2. I’m sorry that the presentation was mainly optimized for being shown at the conference. It is an S5-based presentation so I don’t have any PDF or similar to send to you or upload to slideshare. In my case, it works alright with Firefox 3, though. Navigation is in the lower right corner, forwards on slide on click. If it displays too small, use the fullscreen link that is provided above. I hope this helps.

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