Releasing declarative_authorization 0.3

I just pushed the 0.3 release for declarative_authorization to github.  declarative_authorization helps Rails developers to implement authorization in a declarative manner, cleanly separating authorization rules from application code and reusing the same policy for access control in model, view and controller.

So, what’s new in 0.3? Apart from smaller fixes and improvements, a few major items:

  • Gemified the plugin
  • Allow to globally enable model security by calling ActiveRecord::Base.using_access_control
  • New operator intersects_with
  • AND’ing attribute conditions in has_permission_to blocks

Also, helping you in handling complex policies and using declarative_authorization correctly, a Rails Engines-based GUI has been implemented, with graphical policy browser and usage analyzer. The full changelog.

One comment.

  1. [...] Major changes since the 0.3 release: [...]